Did Microsoft Spend too Much to Buy LinkedIn?

$26.2 billion is a heck of a lot of money and I personally think was way too much to spend on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is certainly the right social media platform for Microsoft but there are a few things that make this purchase very expensive and some red flags are waving like....

  • LinkedIn makes no money but spends billions each year.

  • LinkedIn only has a niche market, business people and the use base will not increase that much each year as most business people already have their LinkedIn account.

  • Facebook, which was a lot more expensive when sold offered a much better value because it is growing rapidly and as it is not limited to business people then the market and possibilities for growth are much more.

  • The buyout price of $196 per share values the company at 91 times EBITDA over the trailing 12 months.

  • NS are paying $250 per average monthly visitor, and $60 for each of LinkedIn's 433 million registered users, keep in mind many user acconts are not active or are fake

  • Microsoft has a poor track record when it comes to big acquisitions.

  • Paying a sizable premium wouldn't be a problem if LinkedIn was profitable. LinkedIn uses a lot of stock-based compensation to pay its employees.

  • LinkedIn's revenue growth in 2016 is expected to slow by more than 10 percentage points to 24.5%, and to just 19.6% next year.

  • Some questions remain about where MS will take LinkedIn as they seem to be still in the "ideas" stage.

I do hope Microsoft can make this purchase work for them, we will see....

How to Get Links to your Online Article - Blog Commenting

So you have written a great article on your blog, uploaded an image or two for it and would like to let others know and get some links back with website promotion. There are several free methods that are important to consider to promote the article and get links back, these are:

Natural SEO

This includes a lot of possibilities to improve this. Since no one really knows exactly what Google and Bing etc. do when calculating how high to rank a site then it means we can throw everything we can at improving it and just hope we get it right?

Google Webmaster and Bing Tools

Google and Bing offer a range of webmaster tools that you can use to improve your site with them. They offer reports, messages and ideas on specific things to do as well.

If you use Wordpress then it would be best to get a SEO plugin like Yoast to look after the complete blog and disable any built in seo features the blog theme might include.

website promotion

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a good way to get instant views and also ongoing views to your article. It is worth making accounts with Disqus.com and have Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts setup to be able to instantly login to the news sites or blogs to make a comment.

Facebook Blog Comments

Facebook offers one the easiest ways for blog commenting as it is often implemented into many article sites. You can also link back to your website with the Facebook comments but the disqus and other ones can have spam controls. It pays to start slow, don't post any links to disqus.com until you have built up some comments first.

The important thing is to not spam but to link to something that you think someone will truly find helpful.

How to Clear Your Debt By Making Use of a Low Interest Credit Card

One of the ways in which we dig ourselves financial graves and bury ourselves within is by getting into debt and doing nothing smart about it. This might mean that we get into debt and pay them through any means, convenient or not or sit down and blindly hope that the mess will sort itself out.

The logic behind settling a debt with a low interest debit card

If you have reason to believe that in the future, you might get means of settling a given debt and your debtor does not feel like extending your loan time, you can opt to pay it with a low interest credit card. Such a card allows you to purchase some worth giving you the power to settle overdue debts.

However, settling a debt with money from another debt might seem to be a form of procrastination. To some extent, this is true. However, by getting an option that has lower interest rate, you save a lot in terms of interest since you will have to pay less in the end.

Low Interest Credit Card

Getting a normal loan with no annual fees carrying rates of between 6.99% and 9.99% is not easy. This, however, is the range for most low interest debit cards. Having established the fact that getting a low debit credit card is the best way to buy means of settling a crippling debt, the next step is in identifying how much you should go for.

How to choose the debit card ceiling

Like other debit cards, low interest debit cards have a ceiling, which the card provider determines according to the assets at your disposal. It is tempting to get the heaviest card you can get. This is however not necessary. If you are taking the card with the sole intent of settling your debt, just take the much you need for the job and start worrying of how to settle the debit card arrears.

In case of impressively low interest rates, it will not be a bad idea to consolidate all your debts into one. While this cuts down on the real worth of your debit card, it will definitely help you save a lot in your paying off the debt. The rule is easy, get a lower interest rate loan to pay of the guzzling loan you have on your shoulders.

Avoiding Common pitfalls in the venture

Like any other financial operation, consolidating your debt into a single low interest debit card comes with a load of risks that must be evaluated to justify the ends. Apart from the highly welcome low interest rates, low interest debit card providers have some loopholes that tarnish the otherwise good deal, giving them some escape route in case the deal turns sour on them.

To avoid bearing the full grunt of an economical misfortune such as an economic crunch, always scrutinize the plan's terms and condition to ensure that it at least gives some cushioning in case problems. Low interests is in itself is not good enough.

George is a freelance writer that loves to share tips in order to help people save money. You can have a look at his site on ppi if you want to get more resources to manage your ppi claims.

How to Improve Your Credit Score by Paying Off Delinquent Loans

Credit score is very important when it comes to applying for personal loans. The first thing that lenders look at when you approach them for financing is your credit score. If you have bad credit score, your chances of clinching the loan take on a downward turn. On the other hand, if your credit score is excellent, you will have a higher chance of getting the loan. It is therefore everybody’s responsibility to work on their credit score if they want to access personal loans.

There are various factors which determine your credit score. These are: your previous repayment history (bad news if you frequently default), how long your credit history is and how much debt you owe to other people. When it comes to delinquent loans, your payments will lead to an increase in your credit score. The following are the main factors relating to delinquent loans and credit score.

Features of credit scores

The work of calculating and determining your credit score is done by credit reporting bureaus. By using a certain formula, these bureaus come up with a figure which directly relates to your chances of paying back a loan. The formula is derived from various factors such as your past credit history and outstanding debt. Credit reporting bureaus get to know about this information through debtors who have supplied personal loans to you in the past. Bear in mind that your credit score will always change from time to time depending on your credit record.

Sgnificance of credit scores

When the above bureaus believe that you have a high probability of repaying a loan, you are given a high credit score. Those who have a pending delinquent loan are considered as high risk by the credit reporting bureaus. Therefore, they are assigned a low credit score to start with. As you continue paying off your delinquent loans, your credit score gradually rises until you clear the loan. This therefore implies that you should strive to clear your delinquent loans if you want to be assigned a high credit score.

Effects of delinquent loans

Even though your credit score may improve after paying off the delinquent loan, you should note that the record of this loan will remain in your credit record for quite some time. This is because of the fact that the loan still remains a part of your credit history. Until after a period of seven years, your rating will be pegged to this record during this time.


How you clear your delinquent loan will impact heavily on your credit rating. The best result will be achieved if you pay the outstanding balance at once. At such a case, the creditor will mark your payment as ‘paid in full’ which will boost your credit score.

Way forward

The best way to overcome a bad credit score is to repay your future loans on time and in full. This will lead to a gradual increase of your credit score until you can finally approach a lender with confidence and ask for a loan. When you have a good credit score, you will benefit from low interest rates and large personal loans.

This is a guest post by Janice Thompson. She loves to write fiance based contents.

From Paper Checks to Direct Bank Debits

Loans up to the year 1970's

During the good old days of 1970 and earlier years, the Bank Manager lived within the community. The Bank Manager would understand the traditional loan needs of the community. The Community did not have fancy needs for upgrading their cars or going on annual vacation.

During the holiday season typical gifts/deserts exchanged were made at home. It was customary for the Bank Manger to ask for two co-signers on your essential loan.

These two co-signers would typically be close relatives in most of the cases. The loans were disbursed in person and collected back in person. In fact it was not considered respectable to take loans and therefore one would approach a Bank for a loan to built an asset (typically a house or a store) rather than debt consolidation.

Direct Bank Debits

Loans up to the year 1990's

This was the era when education loans suddenly overtook the housing loan boom. Everyone in the community wanted an independent job and lives independently. As the borrower lived outside the domain of her parents an independent mechanism called credit score ranking was invented that mathematically assessed the credibility of a borrower outside of her reputation in the community.

The credit score ranking generously rewarded the responsible borrowers and mercilessly punished the careless customers. In the top 10 developed nations selling consumer loans has become more aggressive than selling anything else. After the insurance products the soft loans including payday loans offered thru various financial institutions has become the largest advertiser on the Google.

During the post 1990 era one can certainly identify individuals that have bought a house on cash down but there is hardly any individual who has escaped the clutches of financial institutions during her college days.

Year 1990 and beyond with Direct Credit Deposits

The worst thing that happened during this phase was that children would not wait till they got married to move out of the parents’ home. Children treated as their birthright to live independently as soon as they graduated out of high school. In order to fund a living and at the same time have all the necessities like a car etc. borrowing has become a way of life.

Since children moved out of their parents home they resorted to loans and all kind of financial support outside of their parents. Banks saw a sudden jump in the request for all kind of loans that they had never heard of in the past. It was difficult for Banks to do close scrutiny and credit scores from various independent sources were the only way to determine the risk associated with a loan that now typically is called an online loan.

Consumer loans can also be disbursed online. From the time the money leaves the bank and gets credited to the borrowers account to the time it is returned to the borrower everything is done through the internet.

The current era we live in, the borrower does not even want to share the reason for all these online convenient loans as most of the time she is embarrassed to do so. Close to 100 percent of the current population of the top 10 developed nations has taken a loan at some point in time during their lifetime.

While 71% of the homes in these top 10 industrialized nations are under long term mortgage repayment there's virtually no household that does not carry a generous line of credit on their unsecured credit card.

It has become a way of life to have your loan needs deposited directly into your Bank account and have the monthly repayments directly debited from your Bank account.

My name is Chris Smith and one of my goals since i have started working in finance has been to help people with little bits of advice and knowledge transferred through my articles.

2 Options for you to pay off credit card debts – Debt snowball or avalanche

Paying off debt options – there are many. Other than the direct debt relief options, you will also have to be aware of the different other strategies, which may help you pay down your debts. Now, if the different debt pay off strategies are considered, there are two very common and helpful options. One is the debt snowfall and the other is debt avalanche. So, in order to be able to pay down the debts through any of these options, you need to know the details of the debt pay off method, with regards to these two particular options.

Credit Card Debt Repay (Snowball Vs Avalanche)

Debt snowball versus debt avalanche

The differences in between the two options through which you may be able to pay down your debts are:

The debt snowball method is the option, through which you may be able to lower the stress of handling the debt payments. This debt pay off strategy was actually made popular by, Dave Ramsey. This process involves paying off the smallest debt first. On the other hand, in case of debt avalanche method, you are required to start with the debt which has the highest interest rate first.

In case of debt snowball, as you get to pay off the debt fast, you are starting off with the smallest balance, it helps in building confidence within you. This also helps in relieving the stress, as much as possible. Being less on debt will mean, quite a high amount of lowered stress level. On the other hand, if you try to pay down your debts through the avalanche method, you may be able to see bug results. The interest rate matters a lot too. So, if you can pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first, it may help you a lot towards feeling good.

Debt avalanche helps you save money, as you are paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first. If you take too much time to pay down the debts with high interest rate, you end up paying more. However, if it's snowball, it can be said that the cost is potentially high.

Again, in case of the snowball method, as the results are fast, you may be able to see fast improvements in your credit. On the other hand, in case of avalanche, the result is supposed to be a bit slow. The increase in the credit score won’t be as fast as that of the snowball method.

Now, the obvious question is, which is the right option for you, to pay down your debts? There can be no definite or single answer to this query. It depends on the type of debts you have, the debt amount, and also your mind set. So, you will have to consider all these factors, in order to decide as to which will be the right option for you.

Clear Credit Before 7 Years After Foreclosure

With the current economic difficulties, more homeowners have had to face the  occurrence of a foreclosure. It is important to understand that foreclosures  will usually remain on your credit report for approximately 7 years however;  there are a number of strategies one could use to clear credit ratings  faster. During this time, it is important to remain disciplined in exercising  financial responsibility.

Clear Credit after Foreclosure

Some of the decisions you make can improve your rating despite a foreclosure.  When your home has been foreclosed, approval for a mortgage will be difficult  for the next few years. For this reason, more people are searching for ways to  improve their ratings so that approval for home loans may be obtained  sooner.

Clear Credit The first strategy is to look back at debts and the cause for the foreclosure  of your home and an issue for clear credit. Determine the reasons for such an event and then plan ways to  better manage your money to prevent such situations in the future. Managing  finances can provide you with the financial freedom and clear credit history that you need in order to  afford the investments and other opportunities in life.

The only way to try to speed up the process, is to work on paying off all of  your debts. This is due to the fact that a higher debt load will hurt your  financial report and therefore lowering the outstanding debts can reduce your  debt income ratio. A lower debt income ratio and settling of accounts can assist  many in achieving mortgages and managing the repayments.

The only way to be able to pay off debts is to create a plan for the  management of money and to make sacrifices where necessary to clear credit. Consider visiting a  debt counselor and creating a budget for all expenses, which will further assist  in relieving much of the financial stress that is experienced. Do not let  overspending set you back, instead determine ways to improve your budget.

Once you have got all spending habits under control, consider applying for a  credit card. The idea behind a credit card for those struggling with debt, is to  make small purchases on the card and then to pay off the balance in a timely  manner. Do not make any large purchased on this card as it serves to build and  manage your rating.

To clean up your credit and achieve clear credit with a better rating, it is essential that  sufficient financial planning be undertaken. Prove to creditors that you are  able to pay all outstanding debt in a responsible manner. Following these  strategies may help you to apply for a mortgage successfully in the near  future.